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Maronite Voice Publications

Maronite Pastoral Preparation Programs for Parents - Engaged Couples and Teenagers
By Msgr. Ronald Beshara, Project Director

Three Pastoral Programs are available to deepen the Maronite laity's understanding of and preparation for the Mysteries of Baptism-Chrismation and Marriage, and their meaningful liturgical celebration. Available through The Maronite Voice @ $2.00 plus shipping and handling.

  • Mysteries of Initiation Preparation Program, a 23 page booklet, offers a brief overview of the theology of Baptism and Chrismation, and pastoral recommendations for the preparation of parents and godparents. The program presents key points for parents and sponsors to read and discuss with a priest in the three month time period before the birth of the child. The booklet includes an optional "Admission Ceremony" for the parents and infant before the Initiation Mysteries.
  • Mystery of Crowning Preparation Program, a 20 page booklet, prepares engaged couples to make a mature commitment to marriage.

The increasing breakdowns in marriages are a matter of deep concern for those who believe in the sacramentality and permanence of marriage, and the stability of the family. This booklet offers a brief theology of marriage, a presentation of the stages and elements of "crowning", and a variety of pastoral options for the engaged couple during the six months. Featured in the booklet is an optional "Rite of Betrothal" for couples to bless their engagement. Critical issues for discussion and a "Parish Resource Team"(married couples) are presented.

  • Commitment to Christian Life - A Renewal Program for Teenagers, is a 16 page booklet for young adult Christians who received the Mysteries of Initiation as infants, and are nearing high school graduation. These youths are prepared to commit themselves anew to Christ as they anticipate college and/or work careers. This unique pastoral program invites youths, the "windows to the future" to an ongoing and life-long deepening of their faith-relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church. The booklet treats the Theology of the Initiation Mysteries and refresher program in the Maronite Catholic faith. This pastoral program suggests the parish honor its graduates with the "Christian Commitment Service" and a social event.

Coloring Books for children to learn their Maronite Faith and Traditions
By Msgr. Ronald Beshara, Editor-Project Director

The subtitled pages of the three coloring books are available for children to learn about the Maronite origins and art; the structure and parts of the Holy Mysteries, and the Seven Mysteries (sacraments). Puzzles and other learning tools are included. Available through The Maronite Voice @ $3.00.

  • Faith of the Mountain - Coloring Jesus and His Friends is a fifty page book featuring the story of St Maron and the expansion of his Church as well as "Rabulla" icons.
  • Faith of the Mountain - Coloring the Holy Mysteries is a fifty page book illustrating the Holy Mysteries from the Preparation of the Gifts to the Word Service to the Anaphora. Included is a special section on Maronite architecture and holy men and women.
  • Faith of the Mountain - Coloring the Mysteries is a fifty page book depicting the rituals and symbols for the seven sacraments. Maronite icons, puzzles and other activities are included.

A New Maronite Prayer Book - Evening and Morning Prayer for the laity

Eyes of the Heart: A Short Maronite Prayer of the Faithful - is a shortened version of the 3 volumes of evening (Ramsho) - morning (Safro) prayers, psalms, hymns and readings. This attractive, one volume, user-friendly text provides Sunday prayers for the six seasons: Announcement, Epiphany, Lent, Resurrection After Pentecost and Holy Cross. The Commons for weekday include Monday of the Angels to Saturday of Faithful Departed, as well as the Calendar of saints to honor their feasts. Available through The Maronite Voice @ $5.00 plus shipping and handling.

Insights: A Maronite Welcome Packet

Insights - A Maronite Welcome Packet is a series of six multi-colored informational cards providing succinct, brief, information on Maronite origins, identity and traditions.

The pamphlet treats the three key ingredients of all twenty-two churches (Eastern and Western) of the Catholic Church, and the four key ingredients of a rite. Maronite history, spirituality, liturgy and more are featured. Available through The Maronite Voice @ $1.00

Fire and Spirit: 4 Parts

Fire and Spirit is a colorful and informative four part audio-visual presentation featuring an explanation of Maronite history, architecture, Word Service and Quorbono. Length 20 minutes each presentation. Available on a 2 CD set from The Maronite Voice @ 24.00 plus shipping and handling.

Rabulla: Icon of Glory

Rabulla: Icon of Glory is a beautiful and instructional audio-visual presentation featuring and explaining the unique and ancient Maronite icon tradition from the Rabulla Gospel Book of 586 AD. Also featured is the unique floor-plan of the Maronite "temple" with its special focus on the Bema, Altar and East Apse. Length 40 minutes. Available on CD from The Maronite Voice @ 12.00 plus shipping and handling.

Syriac Maronite Note Cards

Mary, Mother of the Light. This card depicts Mary presenting the Christ child to the viewer standing under a dome made up of three arches: a blue arch, a middle row of leaves, and a sheet of gold with gems. The shrine represents the Kingdom in which dwell Mary and the Lord. The Lady is dressed in a purple cloak and red slippers, a color reserved for kings and queens, which suggests that she is the Mother of the King. The Child holds a scroll of the eternal law, for Christ it its fulfillment.

Crucifixion-Resurrection. The upper panel of this card, depicts the crucifixion of Jesus, who is vested in royal garments. The resurrection scene in the lower half of the card actually includes three distinct scenes: the empty tomb, the women carrying fragrant ointment, and the appearance of Jesus to the women on the road to Jerusalem. The scenes are dominated by plush greenery which suggests the new life of resurrection.

Icon of the Ascension. This card, the most beautiful in early Christian art, is clearly of Palestinian origin reflecting in the upper corners the Semitic gods worshiped in Assyria: "Sin" the moon and "Helios" the sun. Christ is ascending in a sphere raised by two angels and a flying chariot; two other angels carry gold crowns on purple cloth. Mary is depicted in the ancient prayer posture. The apostles are ecstatic as they "stargaze", but the angels warn them to go and proclaim this news.

Icon of Pentecost. This card is adorned with a large blue vault representing realms of heavenly glory. The Spirit of God descends from the heavens, and enters earthly realms to rest over Mary who is speaking with the apostles. To the right and left of Mary is an intense concentration of red to suggest the fullness of the divine life gifted to her by the Holy Spirit.

St. Maron. This contemporary artistic rendering of the father of the Maronite Church reveals the charismatic and determined spirit of the Founder.

The Rabbula Cross. This colorful card depicts one of the oldest renderings of the cross, encircled with three rings made of the 3 basic colors from which all others come.

Note cards are available from The Maronite Voice @ $0.75 a card or $9.00 a dozen. Mixed dozens are also available.

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