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Canon Law

A Communion of Catholic Churches
by John D. Faris (1985)

Presented as a doctoral thesis in Eastern canon law; the author demonstrates the need for ecclesiology and terminology to portray properly the status of the particular churches. extremely valuable for anyone seeking to understand the concept of the Churchsui iuris, one of the central concepts of the new Codex Canonum Ecclesiarium Orientalium, and the ecclesiological and juridical relationship existing among the various Eastern Catholic Churches, and between these Churches and the Apostolic See. Paper cover, 172 Pages.
Price $5.00 Item No.: CL002

Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches (2001)

A Latin-English edition of the Codex Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium; published by the Canon Law Society of America. Hard cover.
Price: $60.00 Item No.: CCEO

Eastern Catholic Churches: Constitution and Governance
by John D. Faris (1992)

The book includes a brief description of the Eastern Catholic and non-Catholic Churches; a history of the revision process and a commentary on Titles 1-IX (Canons 10322) of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches. Flexible cover; 731 pages.
Price: $33.00 Item No. CL007

A Companion to the Eastern Code
by George Nedungatt, S. J. (1994)

This book is volume 5 of the Eastern studies seriesKanonikapublished by the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome. This work contains a detailed analysis of the English translation of the Codex Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientaliumpublished by the Canon Law Society of America (The Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches, Washington, 1992, CLSA). The CLSA translation is compared to the official Latin text and more accurate wording is supplied where errors or inaccuracies occur. Where substantial changes in the English occur, annotations on the background of the canon and the reasons for the changes are provided. Soft bound, 368 pages
Price $25.00 Item No.: CL009 (Out of Stock)

Il Diritto Canonico Orientale Nell'Ordinamento Ecclesiale
edited by Kuriakose Bharanikulangara (1995)

This book in Italian is volume XXXIV of the canon law series studi Giuridici published by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana in Rome and contains twelve essays by noted canonists on various aspects of the new Oriental Code. The topics are: the interdependence of the Latin Code and the Eastern Code (C. Furst), ius particulare in the Eastern Code (I. Zuzek), the concept of the Church sui iuris in the Eastern Code (M. Brogi), the ecumenical implications of the Eastern Code and the Latin Code (A. Gutierrez), the hierarchical structure of the Eastern Churches (J. Chiramel), matrimonial law in the Eastern Code and the Latin Code (J. Vadakumcherry), religious in the Eastern Code (D. Jaeger), penal law in the Latin Code and the Eastern Code (G. Di Mattia), the Magisterium in the two codes (G. Nedungatt), the final changes made by Pope John Paul II in the text of the Eastern Code (J. Abbass) and the history of the Eastern Codification (J. Faris) Paper cover, 275 pages
Price $35.00 Item No.: CL010 (out of stock)

Eastern Catholic Marriage Law According to the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches
by Victor J. Pospishil

In addition to a brief treatment of the Eastern Catholic and non-Catholic Churches and a bibliography on Eastern marriage law, the book provides a commentary on the canons on marriage (Canons 776-866) of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches and a treatment of annulment procedures. Hard cover; 534 pages
Price $35.00 Item No.: Posp1

The Council in Trullo Revisited
ed. by George Nedungatt and Michael Featehrstone.

This book is Volume 6 of the Eastern studies series kanonikapublished by the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome. With an introduction by the Vatican Library's noted Eastern Scholar, Vittorio Peri. This work is a compendium of modern scholarship on this much discussed council. The seriousness of the study is exemplified by the inclusion of the full text of one hundred two canons of the Trullan Code in a critical Greek text (loannou) with corresponding revised Latin translation and a fine modern English translation, both done from the critical Greek text. This accomplishment alone makes the work valuable for serious scholars. The rest of the volume is devoted to seven scholarly studies on various aspects of the council contributed by Spyros N. Troianos, Vittorio Peri, Peter Landau, Nicholas Dura, Constantin Pitsakis, Heinz Ohme and Michel van Esbroeck. Soft bound, 466 pages.
Price $50.00 Item No.: CL011 (out of Print)

A Study of Reciprocal Rights and Obligations of the Eparchial Bishop in the Light of the Code of Canon of Eastern Churches
By Rev. John Kochuthundil, J.C.O.D.

This book is a comprehensive study of the various rights and obligations which priests and bishops have under the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches. Each chapter is divided by subject into sections and subsections. This arrangement allows the reader to use the very detailed Table of Contents like an index to quickly and easily locate any subject treated. Contains a complete Bibliography.

Price: $35.00 Item No.: CL012 ((350 pages, soft cover. Maronite Rite Series.Volume V, 1998)

The Power of the Patriarch - Patriarchal Jurisdiction on the Verge of the Third Millennium
By Rev. Francis John Marini, J.C.O.D.

This book identifies all of the canonicals sources or fonti for the canons on the jurisdiction of the Patriarch in the new Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches. It then proceeds to an exhaustive analysis and discussion of the sources which originates in the Ecumenical Councils of the Church, from Nicea I through Vatican II. The Appendices contain the legislative history of each canon treated, Analytical Tables of the fonti, and the actual texts of each of the fonti identified. There is also a complete Bibliography.

Price: $35.00 Item No.: CL013 ((Maronite Rite Series Volume VI, soft cover, 400 pages. 1998)

Particular Law of the Eastern Catholic Churches
By Kuriakose Bharanikulangara

This book is volume IV of the Maronite Rite Series. It is the first extensive publication of the topic of the serie and practical use of Particular Law as provided for in the Code of Cannons of the Eastern Churches, and the only available book on this subject in English. The book is comprised of a preface by Fr. Marco Brogi, O.F.M., the Under-Secretary of the Congregation for the Eastern Churches and professor of Canon Law at the Pontifical Oriental Institute and the Pontifical Athenaeum Antonianum in Rome; and introduction by the author; three substantive chapters dealing with the concepts of Particular Law, Common Law adn Universal law, Classification, Promulgation and Extension of Partical Law and Provision for Particular Law in the CCEO. There is a conclusion by the author, an Appendix which includes the final text of the Particular Law of the Syro-Malabar Church and the porposed text of the Particular Law of the Maronite Church; and an extensive Bibliography. Soft cover, XV pp. plus 217pp. text.
Price: $28.00 Item No.: POSP6

Eastern Catholic Church Law – Second Revised and Augmented Edition
by Victor J. Pospishil

This is the second edition of the book with the same title, revised and inspired by the books and papers published in the wake of the promulgation of the Eastern Catholic Code, as well as new interventions of Roman Offices and of legislative or administrative actions of individual Churches.

The 57 chapters of the first edition have been augmented to 71 chapters in the second. The subjects index counts 3000 entries. The index of Legislators, Codifiers and Commentators, which include authors of papers and books published since the promulgation of the Latin Code, includes 600 entries.
Cognizance is also taken of the commonalities between the law of the Eastern Churches and of the Latin Church and reference is made to the parallel canons. A concordance or correspondence of canons between the CCEOand CIC and vice versa is given in chapter 71. (Hard cover, LII PP. plus 940 pages).
Price: $59.00 Item No.: Posp5 (Out of Print)

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